bareSCULPT™ is an organic way of sculpting + toning + tightening and slimming the body. Our treatment activates a natural process in the body by metabolizing fat and converting it into energy called, thermogenesis. One of the many benefits of face + body sculpting is that it is non invasive, uses only organic ingredients made up of herbs + essential oils and clay.


SUGARbare™ is a natural alternative to wax. By using a paste made up of three simple ingredients: sugar, lemon & water our bare Specialists remove unwanted hair leaving your skin feeling smooth + beautiful. One of the benefits to sugaring hair removal is that it is perfect for sensitive skin, it doesn't leave the skin irritated, red or with bumps & it yields amazing results.


bare SUNLESS™, the OG of custom sunless tanning and a classic for bare Sunless. Our sunless tanning session is one like no other. Our bare Sunless Face + Body Session is done by a bare Specialist (not a machine or booth). They will walk you through the process from beginning to end making sure you receive the tan of your lifetime.