How does the bare membership get billed?

The bare membership is billed monthly on the same day every month.  We require a card on file to auto deduct the membership dues monthly without notice.   

is there a minimum term?

No, the bare membership has no minimum term.  Our membership is month to month.

What happens to my unused "rolled over" tans?

Unused tans "rollover" month to month and never expire during membership. Unused tans and discounts have no cash value. Any unused tans must be redeemed within 90 days of membership cancellation or they will expire forever.

How can i cancel the bare membership?

The bare membership can be paused or cancelled at anytime.  We do however require a 31 DAY notice either in person or online.

Ex.  If your membership dues will be deducted from the card on file on the 10th of June.  And, you submit your 31 DAY notice on the 12th of June you will have ONE more month to use your membership before it is paused or cancelled. 

*This notice is a requirement passed along from our membership provider in order to give our Membership Department the opportunity to process your request.  

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