What is SUGARbare ™ ?

SUGARbare ™ is a natural method of hair removal that uses a ball of paste made of sugar, water, and lemons.  This paste is molded into the hair follicle and removed quickly in the direction of the hair growth.  Using this method there is minimal irritation and slower re-growth.  Sugaring dates back to ancient Egypt and is widely practice in the Middle East and Asia.

How does sugaring work?

During our SUGARbare ™ treatment a bare Sunless Specialist ( a licensed esthetician & sugaring specialist) applies the sugaring paste and uses a gentle flicking motion to remove hair in the natural direction of the hair growth. The sugar paste does not adhere to the live skin cells (like wax does) therefore does not leave unwanted residue or discomfort.

How long does my hair need to be in order to be sugared?

For best results we recommend that hair is at least 1/8” long.  This would be about 14 days since your last shave or 1 month since your last sugaring or waxing session.

Is sugaring the same as waxing?

No. In our humble opinion sugaring is so much better! Better results, less sensitivity (if any) + slower re growth. Winning!

Wax VS SUGARbare ™?

It’s more hygienic, lasts longer, and can be less painful if done regularly. Sugaring doesn’t cause in-grown hairs (and in some cases, can correct them)! In addition, sugaring is a natural exfoliating treatment for the skin and can lead to permanent reduction of hair growth. We don’t understand why anyone would wax either.

Do you offer manscaping or manzillians?

Yes. We offer full face + body sugaring for both him and her.

What temperature is the sugar paste?

The sugar paste is lukewarm. Never hot, no need to worry about burning your skin.

Do I need to worry about “double dipping” or any sanitation issues like I do with waxing?

No, we use one ball of sugar per client and is discarded after a single use. Also, since the paste is biodegradable and does not require an application stick like waxing it is a much more environmentally friendly option.

I have started my period and I have a bare bare (our version of the Brazilian) should I reschedule?

Menstruating does not affect the sugaring process. However you may find that during this period (literally) you may be little more sensitive to pain. There is no need to reschedule simply pop in a tampon during your appointment.

Can I do sugaring right before I do a sunless tan?

Yes you sure can! We actually recommend it. The exfoliating factor of sugaring + the lack of shaving will actually make your tans adhere better and last longer!